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Introducing Simply Slim

For over 20 years I’ve been in the trenches of weight loss warfare. I have seen patients who time and again have battled with weight problems. Some lose weight only to have it return in a few months. Some can’t seem to lose weight at all. And it’s not their fault.

Weight gain is not just a matter of over-eating. Increased body fat is influenced by many factors: genetics, diet, physical exercise, depression and stress. To make matters worse, mood changes, depression and stress all make appetite control difficult if not impossible. And when excess fat is located in the midsection, the effect of these factors becomes even more pronounced. Stress, cravings, belly fat – sound familiar?

Through my consultations with patients, I have learned about their struggles. I’ve also learned what works and what doesn’t work to take fat off and keep it off. As a result, I’ve developed a new program called Simply Slim to help your body lose weight efficiently.

My new weight loss system supports metabolic rate, appetite and mood centers in the brain and helps you burn fat faster and more easily than just dieting. I’ll tailor a weight-loss program designed specifically to your needs. I’ll recommend foods to stay away from, and foods that you can eat. I may recommend a protein drink and dietary supplements geared to your body type. Through short weekly visits, we will keep track of your weight loss together, and I will tweak your program when necessary for maximal results.

Best of all, this program is easy. There are no calories to count, simple dietary guidelines to follow, and the cost is no more than other programs that don’t provide personal attention.  So why go it alone? For more information call my office: 516-922-1699

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