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To follow up on Dr. Hyman’s article that I emailed to you last week I’d like to give you some information on statin drugs. As you all know statin drugs like Lipitor, Crestor, and Zocor are prescribed to lower cholesterol. Dr. Hyman explained why we need cholesterol. It prevents prediabetes, it’s a major part of our central nervous system and is the raw product for all of our sex hormones. He also explained that cholesterol is not the cause of cardiovascular disease. If you would like to reread his article or other articles that I’ve written on the same topic, go to my website Go to the blog section. There is a search box which you can type in a subject in a number of articles should pop up.

So if cholesterol is an important nutrient that our body needs for so many functions and does not cause cardiovascular disease why do doctors prescribe statin drugs? I DON’T KNOW! Big Parma $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The cause of cardiovascular disease is a systemic inflammation in which the inside of the arteries of the heart are irritated. Oxidized cholesterol stick to the irritated parts of these arteries which leads to cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol is a Band-Aid.  A deficiency in CoQ10 causes the bad cholesterol, LDL, to become oxidized. The drug that is supposed to prevent cardiovascular disease leads to one way of causing it. Just so that you are aware, the process of oxidation indicates inflammation that’s why it’s important to take anti-oxidants.

The reason why people have all types of aches and pains as well as serious health problems from statin drugs is that it stops the liver from producing a very important nutrient called CoQ10. CoQ10 is made by the liver- our body must need it. It’s very important for muscle contraction especially the heart. The medical literature is full of articles regarding CoQ10 deficiency. Some of the diseases caused by a CoQ10 deficiencies are fatal cardiomyopathy, heart attack, congestive heart failure (which usually has a death sentence of 5 years), exhaustion, cancer, myopathy, depression resistant to antidepressants, high blood pressure, gum disease, tooth loss, hair loss, liver disease, sudden complete memory loss or amnesia, cataracts, angina, folic acid deficiency, damage cell membranes, and believe it or not there a more.

The Framingham study in Framingham Massachusetts was the seminal study for cholesterol. It’s in its 5th decade of research. Among the many things that were not revealed is that there is a high incidence of congestive heart failure among people taking statin drugs. This usually carries a death sentence in of 5 years.

In Europe it’s standard procedure to prescribe CoQ10 with the statin drug.

If you are taking a statin drug I strongly urge that you start taking CoQ10. Use the minimum dosage on the bottle. I add this advice because I don’t prescribe anything in my office without knowing why am prescribing it and how much to give and how it will affect my patient. There is a test called CardioION that directly tests CoQ10. There is a more sensitive test called hydroxymethlglutarate. This is an organic acid assay which will show you if a particular dose is high enough for your body.

I urge you to do your own research, find sources that are reliable on the Internet. You can also check out my website for other articles. And ask your doctor why you prescribe statin drugs.

References to this article can be we requested by emailing my office.


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