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Is your diet making you sick?

Specific foods or foods eaten frequently can cause a leaky gut which related to a long list of health conditions including: digestive problems, headaches, chronic sinus drainage, low energy, depression, mood swings, eczema, skin irritations, joint aches, asthma, weight gain, and others.

People may be suffering from these symptoms for long periods of time without realizing that they can be connected to the foods that they are eating.

An Elimination Diet removes the food that may be causing symptoms and, with reintroduction, helps you identify the foods that may be triggering your symptoms. In most cases after completing an elimination diet for 3 weeks foods can then be reintroduced slowly.

Eating foods that you are sensitive to create a low grade inflammatory reaction in the gut, making the intestinal wall more porous, which allows absorption of large undigested food particles into the blood, a condition referred to as Leaky Gut. The intestinal wall is like a filtration system. When that filtration system breaks down other substances like bacteria, chemicals, and yeast leak into the bloodstream and stimulate the immune system causing inflammation. You now have a leaky gut.

The elimination diet helps reduce inflammation giving your gut time to heal and resets the immune system.

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