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New office procedures in response to the covd-19 virus

In response to the COVD-19 virus, all chiropractic tables will be disinfected between patient visits. This action goes beyond the recommendations by the CDC. I chose to implement this procedure at this time because the increased availability of tests for this virus will sharply increase the number of people affected by the virus.

Please understand that most people will have minor symptoms and will not require medical care. If you have a fever or symptoms similar to the flu you should stay home. On the positive side of increased testing will result in a decrease in mortality rate of this virus.

It can’t be emphasized enough to wash your hands frequently throughout the day. I recommend to use surgical gloves which will remind you not to touch your face. Avoid direct contact as and shaking hands. It is also advisable to keep a distance of 3 feet between others. If you have chronic health issues especially respiratory and cardiovascular please take extra special care. Wearing face masks have not been proven to be effective in avoiding this virus.

Lastly, there are important methods you can take to improve your health and there by your immune system. Fear over this virus will cause a decrease in your immune response. If possible avoid other stressors in your life. Make an effort to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Lastly, I strongly advised to eat whole foods and avoid packaged foods.

Please contact me at my office for practical steps to improve your health and thereby improving your immune system. There is no charge for this information.

Also if you would like recommendations on supplements that will improve your immune response please contact me. Again they’ll be no charge for this information.


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