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Reducing Risk of Breast Cancer


There are many lifestyle factors that can reduce your risk of breast cancer. In previous articles I discussed the BRCA genes. These are not cancer genes. These are genes that reduce your risk of breast cancer that are not functioning. As Mary Clare King the researcher that located the BRAC genes states,” since these genes do not cause breast cancer something else must be going on.” That’s something else is lifestyle. Lifestyle also includes our environment.

There is been hundreds of millions of dollars in research money for breast cancer research. Unfortunately there’s been very little improvement in reducing the risk of mortality. To go forward, the logical thing is to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

I would like to pass along some information to help you reduce your risk of breast cancer as well as dying from the disease.
Inadequate levels of vitamin D, which is vitamin D in the low end of normal range results in advanced breast cancer compared to adequate amounts of vitamin D which is associated with smaller cancer with much greater survival. It was also found that adequate vitamin D reduces the risk of the cancer returning and a decrease in risk of metastasis.

There are changes in our genetic expression known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) which resulted in an increase in the risk of breast cancer. The slip I am referring to is COMT. When working properly, it attaches a methyl group to estrogen. When COMT is not working properly your risk of developing breast cancer is much higher. They are nutraceuticals you can purchase that have an activated folic acid and B12 to circumvent this problem.

Elevated insulin which is associated with an elevated insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) found in laboratory tests increase the risk of invasive breast cancer. It’s extremely important to eliminate simple sugars from your diet. Berberine is used in nutraceuticals decreased insulin resistance. A healthy diet such as the Mediterranean or Palio diet will reduce the risk of breast cancer by 11%

Being overweight or obesity is responsible for 1 out of 6 deaths from all types of cancer in the United States. Being overweight doubles the risk of mortality from breast cancer.

There is an adrenal connection in reducing your risk for breast cancer. A cortisol level it doesn’t rise and fall normally throughout the day (circadian rhythm) usually from prolonged stress has been shown to be associated with higher stages of cancer metastasis. Studies have shown that women with less than 6 hours of sleep a night have a 62% increase in developing breast cancer compared to women that have over 7 hours of sleep daily.

If you have noticed the media have been reporting changes in cancer therapy which targets activating our immune system to fight cancer. You can increase immune function by having a good belly laugh, relaxation time, taking naps, watch a funny moving, meditate and spending time with loved ones.

Exercise is among one of the most important things you can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer. 30 minutes a day 5 times a week of simple brisk walking can reduce the risk of breast cancer mortality by 25%.

Exercise with a basic prudent diet reduces the risk by 44% of dying from early-stage breast cancer.

These are some basic changes you can make in your lifestyle to reduce the risk of breast cancer and mortality from breast cancer. Some of the things I mentioned above should be tested before you take nutraceuticals. Such is vitamin D, activated folic acid and B12 and genetic testing.

There are many other interventions that have been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. You should be evaluated and have a plan developed specifically for you. However, you can start with a healthy diet, exercise, getting more sleep, spending time with loved ones.

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