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What I like to talk about today is pinched nerves.



But 1st   , have you ever wondered about those little stickers on fruits and vegetables.

Aside from being a pain in neck trying to get them off, the numbers on the stickers tell the cashier the price to charge you for the item.

They are called price lookup codes. PLU

If you are interested in your health these stickers can tell you more information.

If the numbers a 5 digit number in the 1st number is 9 it’s organic.

A 4 digit number beginning with the 3 or a 4 it means it’s probably conventionally grown.

If it is a 5 digit number starting with an 8 it is genetically modified.  However, since PLU codes aren’t mandatory. Companies that produce genetically modified foods can label them as conventional.  They don’t want you to know that the food is genetically modified.

And due to the lobbying efforts of these companies the FDA doesn’t require labeling of genetically modified foods.

When it comes to preventing disease.  I can’t emphasize enough that the quality food is extremely important.

Check out those numbers.


Now what about pinched nerves.

Every day patiens tell me they have a pinched nerve.  When I asked them why do you think you have pinched nerves they describe a symptom of what they think a pinched nerve feel like.  Or their primary care Dr. told them they have pinched nerves.

A pinched nerve occurs when pressure is exerted to a nerve which causes pain down the distribution of that nerve.  Symptoms can vary from burning, numbness, to tingling.

Most people think pinched nerves only occur in the spine.   As chiropractor pinched nerves do occur in the spine but not because the bone is out of place.  When the vertebral joints are not moving correctly or get stuck, inflammation develops putting pressure on the nerve.  There also disk problems and arthritic changes that can pinched nerves in the spine.


However that majority of pinched nerves do not occur in spine.  The nerves are pinched by ligaments, tendons and muscles as a pass through the body.  There’s literally hundreds of ways and areas this occurs.  The symptoms of spinal pinched nerve are exactly the same as nerves pinched by soft-tissue.  This is why it is sometimes difficult to find out what’s causing the nerve pain.

It is important to have a good consultation and a functional physical examination.  The term Functional is appearing all over in medicine today.  In 1996 when I completed my degree in sports medicine, we learned functional examinations to find the cause of a sports injury.  Functional medicine didn’t even exist in 1996.  It’s interesting that both look for the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.


Well that’s it for now.  It’s so important for me to give you good health care advice.  There’s so much confusion.


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