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How does your immunity late to our brains?

The Following was written by Austin Perlmutter, M.D. In association with Jeffrey Bland, PhD.

How does immunity relate to our brains?

Often when people think about their brains, they are looking at them as though they are relatively fixed. But our brains are changing every moment of every day. Our brains cells (neurons) are constantly rewiring based on our life experiences and agree with a written

Not only does the brain have dedicated immune cells (microglia), but it has now been shown that other brains cells like astrocytes and even neurons speak the language of the immune system, in that they are both sensitive to and produce immune- related signals.

In fact, neurons appear to change their wiring patterns based on immune inputs. Low levels of inflammatory immune signals may promote neuroplasticity, while high levels seem to suppress it.

It has been described for some time that states of immune imbalances like autoimmunity and chronic inflammation may increase risk for a number of brain- related illnesses. We also know that certain mood disorders like depression may be in part a reflection of immune activation like excessive inflammation.

But what has been more recently discovered is that of immune state appear to influence our decisions. For example, a study published in Nature Scientific Reports in 2019 shows that higher levels of inflammation predicted more impulsive decisions. This is important when we realized that impulsive thinking makes it hard for us to sustain healthy behaviors.

It is clear that there is still a lot we do not know about how our brains immunity system works. But some of the low-cost interventions that may make sense for people to prioritize as it relates to overall brain health as well as brain immune- balance include getting adequate sleep, prioritizing minimally processed foods, exercise, engaging in stress-mitigation techniques, and even getting daily nature exposure.

As Dr. Perlmutter mentions above, but did not elaborate on, the foods that we eat influences the rewiring of our brain and the brains immunity.
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