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Genotype versus phenotype and the immune system

Genotype vs Phenotype and your Immune System

The difference between your genotype and your phenotype is an important distinction. Your genotype is your book of life meaning, the genes that you were born with. Your exposure to the environment changes the function of your genes and results in how your body functions and even the way you look, this is called your phenotype. Environment Includes your physical environment, viruses, bacteria what you breathe, eat, drink, and think. In other words, it is what you bathed your genes in.

Your immune system adapts to environmental exposures and in affect changing your immune phenotype through a process known as methylation. This is the connection between a healthy lifestyle and a balanced immune system. All the factors of lifestyle that a mentioned in previous emails foster a healthy and balanced immune system.

Historically assessing your immune system requires a battery of tests that compare you to the average person. There is a new test that is part of the epigenetic methylation test, that assesses the balance of your immune system and not to the average person. In knowing this balance, a strategy can be developed to strengthen your immune system.

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