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Do you know what your biological age is?

What is the difference between your biological age and your chronological age? Have you ever said to someone you look good for your age meaning, they look better than they are chronological age. You cannot do anything about your chronological age, but your biological age depends on you.

Researchers have been studying how to determine biological age since the 1960’s. Consequently, a lot of information has been gathered and there has been numerous biological clocks developed. The best method for determining your biological age is a technique called epigenetic methylation. It is quite a complicated test to explain.

The researchers say that the #1 risk factor for all disease is aging. Just last week another researcher told us that leaky gut was the cause of all disease. So, what is going on?

First let me describe what epigenetic means. Epi is on top and genetic is our DNA, so epigenetic means that there are stresses on top of our genes. These stresses can be physical, mental, emotional, environmental which includes dietary, to name a few. These stressors change the function of our genes to meet the challenges of the day/ month/ year. Some of these changes can be persistent and be passed on to 2-3 generations.

Leaky gut (the cause of all disease) is a negative stress on our DNA that changes the function of our genes. If your biological age is 50 and your chronological age is 45, and in this instance, you have leaky gut, a smart practitioner will guide you to correct your leaky gut which will eliminate the negative stress on your genes and decrease your biological age.

The report that you receive from epigenetic methylation is very complex. A practitioner that understands epigenetic methylation can interpret it and provide you with specific changes in lifestyle decrease your biological age.

There is another test which I prefer, reports how quickly you are aging. The report may tell you that for every chronological year that you are ageing 1.5 years. That is a great incentive to make the changes necessary.

This information is so important to avoid noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer, avoid disabilities and live a long productive life.

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