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Can chiropractic care helped your immune system?

February 6, 2023

Did you know that regular chiropractic care can improve your immune system? You would be correct and ask how this is possible.

The human body is meant to move and be active. Musculoskeletal pain prevents normal movement. 80% of adults complain of lower back pain. That is not to mention those that have mid back and neck pain as well as pain in the arms and legs. This means that a substantial number of people have musculoskeletal pain.

Movement promotes increased circulation as well as increased movement of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system captures and eliminates the debris from infections and inflammation. If this debris is not eliminated, flu-like symptoms will persist as well as continued activation of the immune system causing increased inflammation. It sounds like one probable reason for long COVID.

Being sedentary due to musculoskeletal pain will cause the systems of the body to decrease in function resulting in lack of energy and drive to do daily activities. This can have a direct impact on mental health.

If you look at this carefully, all the factors that improve the immune system can be impacted by musculoskeletal pain. Lack of desire to eat and prepare nutritious meals, increased anxiety, a lack of meaningful interaction with others, lack of sleep, increased stress, and of course, lack of exercise/movement.

Chiropractic care is unique in that we treat joint dysfunctions through manipulation as well as painful muscles through various techniques, addressing the cause of the musculoskeletal complaint. Targeted home care helps you, help yourself in your recovery from pain which is also important psychologically.

If you think about it, your heart, your lungs, your GI system, and other organs’ primary end goal is to permit your body to move. And hopefully move to help others.

Our society has changed, and I would say in radical ways. Many have a lack of time as well as various stresses and schedules do not permit a traditional physical medical treatment plan. For those that have a lack of time, after initial assessment in my office, I will develop a home treatment plan that will help you outside of my office to decrease and manage some of your physical pain.

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