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The ubiquitous multivitamin

Today’s supplement spotlight is that good old multivitamin.  The function of multivitamins is to fill in the gaps of a less than optimal diet.  It is important to stress that a clean whole food diet such as the Mediterranean diet is important for most people.  This brings us to RDA, recommended daily allowance.  The RDA has no clinical value.  The RDA is the minimum requirement to prevent frank diseases such as rickets.  Each individual has specific requirements based on their lifestyle, physical and emotional stresses, and underlying medical issues.

What I meant by a clean whole food diet is pointing at genetically modified foods as well as the chemicals used to grow these foods.  Both GMO foods and agricultural chemicals are stressors on the body.  In the past blogs I discussed the genetic mismatch between GMO and human genetics.  Digestion absorption and utilization of these manufactured foods are difficult since our human genetics cannot change as quickly to the new, unnatural, genetically modified foods.  This is not to mention a new type of agricultural chemical, Roundup/Glyphosate, which is sprayed liberally on these GMO foods to prevent the growth of weeds as well as other agricultural chemicals.

Multivitamins can fill the gaps however, there is one multivitamin that can also help us defend our DNA and cells from the free radical damage that is caused by agricultural chemicals.  This multivitamin has the basic vitamins and some minerals required by the body and has a very robust antioxidant profile.   There is only one multivitamin that can provide this protection.  Metagenics has a product called PhytoMulti.  It is particularly important that if you choose to purchase this vitamin to order it without iron.

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