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The pros and cons of vitamin D3

According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, approximately 77% of Americans take at least one dietary supplement. 81% of adults from 35-55 years old are taking at least one dietary supplement.

I am starting a new series called Supplement Spotlight. I will be reporting on the top 10 supplements that were listed in a survey by ConsumerLab.con.
For each supplement, please remember that the quality and the absorption rate is important and never revealed by over-the-counter dietary supplement companies.  This is one of my major concerns with supplements that are highly marketed.

There are pros and cons to taking any supplement. There are also concerns with interactions with pharmaceuticals. I have a responsibility to you to filter out inaccurate claims and to give you the best and clearest information so that you can decide what type of supplement you may take.

The most popular supplement is vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is important for bone and muscle health as well as positive effects on the immune system.  It has also been reported that D3 is helpful for heart and blood vessel health.  It can decrease blood pressure as well as cholesterol.

Symptoms of low vitamin D3 include; bone pain, fatigue, decreased endurance, low mood, sleep problems, and hair loss.

Symptoms for excessive vitamin D include increased blood calcium which can cause kidney and bladder stones, constipation, and other GI issues.

There are potential drug interactions with warfarin and the blood pressure medication verapamil.

It is important to have a laboratory test before taking vitamin D3. The range should be in the mid 80s.

The most expensive supplement is a supplement of low quality and low absorption.  I always recommend  purchasing supplements from Metagenics and the dispensary Fullscript, both can be found on my website store. Frequently, there will be sales of supplements and manufacturers discounts if purchased through my website.  You will be informed of these opportunities.

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