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Toxic environment

Are humans D-Evolving?

Human DNA adapts to the environment. The study of this adaptation is called epigenetics, which is highly studied in the scientific community. We usually think this in positive terms, changes in our DNA increase our resilience and health. In carefully looking at the U.S. health and healthcare outcomes we might draw the conclusions that our DNA […]

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The ubiquitous multivitamin

Today’s supplement spotlight is that good old multivitamin.  The function of multivitamins is to fill in the gaps of a less than optimal diet.  It is important to stress that a clean whole food diet such as the Mediterranean diet is important for most people.  This brings us to RDA, recommended daily allowance.  The RDA […]

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Unexpected Toxic Exposure

San Francisco could soon be the 1st US city to prohibit chemical flame retardant’s in all new upholstered furniture and children’s products sold in the city including online sales. A proposed ordinance under consideration by the Board of Supervisors would ban all flame retardants from children’s products including play and nap mats, nursing pads, changing […]

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Your Environment or Your Health

Your environment is likely the most important predictor of your overall health and wellness. Your health is a microcosm of your environment. Your health is essentially a distillation of how your body responses to the environment. A good way to address this is to become more aware and start making some small changes in your […]


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Health Alert and Correction

The World Health Association (WHO) has announced a review into potential risks of plastic in drinking water after a new analysis of some of the world’s most popular bottled water brands found more than 90% contain tiny pieces of plastic. A previous study also found high levels of micro plastic and tap water. In the […]

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Toxic Environment

Toxic environment has been one of the central themes in my emails related to health. Toxic exposure is one of the most important factors causing chronic health issues. The functional medical perspective encompasses the entire person interacting with the environment. Therefore, in functional medicine the environment of great concern. The following article is a report […]

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