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Your Environment or Your Health

Your environment is likely the most important predictor of your overall health and wellness. Your health is a microcosm of your environment. Your health is essentially a distillation of how your body responses to the environment. A good way to address this is to become more aware and start making some small changes in your […]


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L’ Art de Vivre

  The French phrase L’ Art de Vivre (The Art of Living) sums up all of the core principles of Functional Medicine. In one of my past articles I wrote about the “French Paradox”.  This is in regards to a study that compared health and longevity of the French population with the United States Population. […]

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If You’re Confused Don’t Worry

If you’re confused about what to eat and what not to eat you’re not alone. From my perspective everyone is an “expert in nutrition.” Most of the information you see on television and especially the Internet is from an “expert” with an agenda. The agenda is either selling you some nutritional supplement or the new […]

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What’s Up With Our Health Insurance?

  All of my previous articles are based on the latest scientific findings in healthcare. The 1st part of this newsletter is a commentary based on my 33 years of practice. Health care reform, even before Obama care, has reduced reimbursements to doctors that are often below our cost per visit. During the same time […]

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Live Longer Now


Who doesn’t, but you should also want to live well. Insulin resistance- which most doctors call prediabetes. What is it, and why should I care if I don’t have diabetes? Insulin resistance is the condition where our body, or cells, are not sensitive to insulin. Our body reacts by increasing the amount of insulin in […]

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