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Why do I have diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, ect.

You know the name of the disease but how did you get it?

The research is very clear that the bugs in your gut, the microbiome, is at the center of all chronic disease.

Your food choices, the gut bugs and the immune system are intimately connected. Most of your immune system is located in your gut.

When you injure a joint, your immune system causes inflammation. Within a relatively short period of time the inflammation decreases in healing begins.

When you have an imbalance of the gut bacteria there is a chronic unresolved inflammation.

There are many ways to disturb the balance of gut bacteria. Today I’d like to mention only one, your food choices.

75% of the Western diet does not promote healthy gut bacteria. The refined carbohydrates and processed foods are absorbed in the upper part of the G.I. system. This leaves no nutrients for the gut bacteria which primarily is in the large intestines. Essentially these bacteria are starved of nutrients that they need to survive. This causes an imbalance between good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria has a coat around it which continually sheds. This is absorbed into our circulatory system causing an inflammatory response. This inflammation interacts with other lifestyle factors and our genes. The result is a chronic disease.

To help promote healthy gut bacteria choose minimally processed whole foods. Try to eat all of your food within 12 hours of each day. It would be very beneficial if you have at least one meal with family or friends. You will be very surprised to find that eating a whole food diet is much more satisfying. The varied tastes, textures as well as not feeling hungry in one hour will motivate you to continue to improve your diet, fix your gut bacteria and prevent or decrease the intensity of your chronic disease.

Visit my blog for more information on gut bacteria.    www.robertromanelli

My next post will include a short video on a healthy gut.

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