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Flu Epidemic

Is there another flu epidemic? I’m not sure and I didn’t want to take time to find out. But what I could tell you is that a major hospital in Long Island, New York has closed 4 units and stopped admitting patients from the emergency room all due to the flu.
Why doesn’t the flu vaccination work? I do believe in vaccinations. They are based in the science of immunology. One of the main objections to immunizations is the use of the thimerosal which is a mercury based preservative. This is being eliminated in vaccines.
Vaccines can protect us but there are a few problems. Epidemiologists study how diseases spread around the world. Using the best science available they select 3 strains of viruses that they believe will cause the flu. Unfortunately, the viruses that they choose may not be the ones that are causing the flu for a given year.
The vaccine is made from the protein in viruses. The virus protein is attenuated, meaning their dead-not able to cause the flu. Many times I hear patients tell me that they got the flu from the flu vaccine. This is not the case. The flu vaccine stimulates the immune system to fight off the flu virus. In effect the immunization stressing our immune system. If you come in contact with the common cold virus or bacteria and your immune system is not functioning well, you will get sick.
There is a lot of money to be made by producing and selling vaccinations. Especially since it is recommend that everyone should get the flu vaccine. Last year the guidelines included young children. It was thought that they are carriers of the flu. I haven’t heard that recommendation this year.
Why do so many people get the flu when they are vaccinated?
1) The best estimate of the epidemiologists of what flu strains will be around is incorrect.
2) Our immune system is insufficient to respond to the vaccination to protect us.
3) Our lifestyle does not support our general health.

This is my recommendation. Get the vaccination if your primary care physician recommends you should have it. You should also make changes in what you do every day to improve your health so that your immune system can respond to the vaccination.
1) Eat a healthy diet, Mediterranean or Paleo.
2) Make sure that you get 7 hours of quality sleep.
3) Exercise daily- just move!
4) Take time to de-stress. Spent time with friends and loved ones. Count your blessings.
I just had the opportunity to attend, via the Internet, grand rounds at the Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle Medicine Center. This has nothing to do with the flu or the flu vaccination. The reason I mention this is to inspire you to improve your lifestyle. The doctor that was speaking is Terry Wahls M.D. who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Medicine has no cure for multiple sclerosis, just palliative therapy. When she was confined to an antigravity chair she decided to do some research. The bottom line is that she changed her diet, added a few supplements, and in one year she was riding her bike again. Lifestyle changes can make dramatic positive effects in your health. So if you want to avoid the flu follow my recommendations. It works.

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