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Not getting enough sleep may be the missing link in supporting your immune system

Living with viruses Part 6 

Concerns over the spread of COVID-19 is causing anxiety on a global scale. Anxiety is a leading cause of sleep dysfunction, and not getting enough rest may have negative effects on your health. Sleep plays a powerful role in supporting healthy immune system function, in fact these 2 are closely connected. A lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of infection. Illness can disrupt your sleep further, which in turn slows down your recovery time. Consistent sleep better preparers your body to fight off unexpected illness. 

Sleep is your body’s first line of defense against infectious diseases. During sleep, your body produces proteins called cytokines that fight inflammation and infection. When you are exposed to infectious pathogens, inflammation, or experience chronic stress, your body releases these cytokines to offset illness. Sleep deprivation hinders this immune response. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, estimates that one third of Americans do not get enough sleep at night. Not getting enough sleep impacts your body’s ability to naturally fight off infections. 

A few tips for improving your sleep: 

Maintain a constant sleep schedule. 

Take in more daylight and limit exposure to artificial light. 

Stay active through the day. 

Avoid caffeine, heavy meals, and alcohol before bed. 

Take naps during the day. 

Take time to unwind before going to bed. 

For more information to improve your sleep, email me at I will be happy to send you more detailed information on improving your sleep as well as the other topics that I covered in previous emails at no charge. 

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