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Living with viruses

Most scientists believe that viruses or here to stay. In fact, recently it was reported in the news that a new virus known as the monkey virus has been recently identified. A strange thing about viruses, most biologists do not consider viruses to be a living organism. Viruses are not made up of cells, they cannot keep themselves in a stable state, they do not grow, and they cannot make their own energy. When they enter cell, they can replicate and adapt to the environment.
We have just past 1 million people (about the population of Delaware) in the United States that have died due to SARSCoV-19 and its variants. When viruses enter a living organisms’ cells they can replicate. During replication, the viruses may have “genetic mistakes” which will cause a new variant. Also, a variant can be produced when the virus is adapting to the environment. Presently, there are 7 different variants of SARSCoV-19. One of these viruses was first noticed in central New York State. This new variant was formed when an individual contracted with 2 variances of COVID-19. During replication, the genetic information was shared between the 2 viruses causing a new variant. This is called a recombinant virus. As you can see viruses are a formidable enemy.
What can we do to fight off the present pandemic virus and protect us from further developing viruses? Immunizations and boosters are important however, how many new vaccines and boosters do we need in the future? Fortunately, there has been research published in peer-reviewed medical journals focusing on lifestyle factors that positively affect her immune system. In the literature it is commonly known as rejuvenation of our immune system. Functional Medicine has been on the forefront of rejuvenation of the immune system well before this pandemic.
I will be addressing each lifestyle factor that improves our immune system. I will do this through a series of emails. You will be able to use this information immediately. Please read all the emails. Choose 1 or 2 lifestyle factors that you believe fit into your schedule and more importantly continue them for life.
If you have any questions, please contact me.  I will respond to your question as soon as possible.
This will be free; you will not have to sign up or purchase anything. I choose to do this because there is so much misinformation from people or organizations who have ulterior motives which confuse a correct course of action. Please feel free to share this information with friends and family.

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