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How to get the best outcome from you COVID Vaccine

In February of this year the CDC recommended not to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs before you receive your COVID vaccine. The reason being is that the vaccination causes an inflammatory reaction which is part of your immune system developing antibodies against a COVID 19 infection. Taking an NSAID decreases your immune system to produce an inflammatory reaction and possibly decreasing the body’s ability to produce antibodies. 

To get maximum benefit from your vaccination in my previous article I suggested, along with not taking NSAIDs before vaccination, a whole food diet, stress reduction, moderate exercise, and 7 hours of sleep daily. 

In May 2020 an article published in the British Medical Journal suggested that daily dietary intakes of specific nutrients can support the immune system these include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin D, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and specific probiotic organisms. 

What you may also want to consider before receiving your COVID vaccine is to avoid taking anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements such as turmeric, omega-3 fatty acids. There is something new called Pro Resolving Mediators which are the anti-inflammatory compounds in omega-3 fatty acids. You may be taking other anti-inflammatory supplements that I did not list. All these nutritional supplements are supplements to a whole food diet. Not taking them for a week or so I believe is a benefit to making sure you get the most out of your COVID vaccine. 


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