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Regular exercise rejuvenate’s the immune system

Living with viruses- part 5

The relationship between exercise and immune health is dose dependent. Research has shown that regular physical activity has immune protective effects and may reduce the risk of certain cancers such as breast cancer and defend against viruses.

There seems to be a connection with mindfulness and exercise. Rather than moving for the sake of moving, or to accomplish a goal, mindful movement when practiced anchors the body in the presence movement. Many people feel more harmonious, relaxed, and calmer after practicing mindful movement.

A few tips are integrating exercise into your lifestyle:

I am often asked what is the best exercise? My answer is, whatever exercise you can regularly do, and it must be fun.

Attach activity to habits such as taking a walk after dinner. What is something that you do regularly? Whether it is going to work, cooking dinner, getting the mail, or brushing her teeth, anything can be an opportunity to move. Try doing a 1-minute wall-sit every time you brush your teeth. When you Park your car, park a good distance from the entrance. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Involve others. Your friends, family, and coworkers want to be more active too. Set active living goals together, see if you can aim for incremental advances and variety in your routines. When you meet someone who shares your activity goals there is a shared responsibility, you can keep a check on each other.

Add audio. Most cell phones can play music or podcasts, so challenge yourself to walk for at least one more song or one podcast. Having music you enjoy can make exercise more fun and rewarding.

Be inventive. Rather than thinking of movement as a calisthenic or a workout, challenge yourself to be inventive with your active living. Do an extra lap around the grocery store. Stand while watching a television show. At work, think about how you can add a few minutes of movement. This is particularly important if you job is sedentary. Many aches and pains are caused from sitting at a computer. When you are talking on the phone, stand up and walk while you are talking.

Before forgiving. If you do not accomplish your active goal for the day do not punish yourself, tomorrow is another day.

Track your progress. Many cell phones have an app that tracks your steps each day.  How many steps you take on an average workday?  How many steps you take on a weekend?  Strive for 10,000 steps a day.

Your activity must be fun. Vary your activities to avoid boredom- be consistent.

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