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How to Prepare for Your Vaccination

We are all anxiously waiting an appointment for a COVID vaccination. But what can we do to prepare for the vaccination? But 1st a brief insight into the immune system. This may be obvious however, the immune system reacts to the immunization by producing antibodies against the spike protein of the virus. If your immune system is not up to par or under stress you may having an adverse reaction and or not producing a good response in producing antibodies is possible.

All 3 vaccine are safe and effective. If you do have significant stress on your immune system such as multiple autoimmune disease or significant risk factors, you should stay at the vaccination site for at least double the recommended time.
If you don’t have an appointment for a vaccine or you are weeks to months away from your appointment these are the things that you should do. 

Enhance your immune system. Supplement with vitamin D, zinc, and quercetin
Smoking cessation
Weight loss
Stress management
Physical fitness
Mind-body therapies
Increased dietary fiber
Optimize your microbiota by taking a high-quality probiotic

If your vaccination is imminent within days 

Avoid acute stress
Get adequate sleep
Avoid anti-inflammatories 2 days before and after your vaccination. This is to ensure a good response, producing antibodies. Of course, you may need to take an anti-inflammatory if you are very uncomfortable after vaccination.
If you have an active infection postpone the vaccination.

Before and after vaccination always remember to wear masks, maintain social distancing and wash your hands frequently.
I would be very happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Robert Romanelli, D. C.

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