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Should we boost or suppress our immune system?

I have always tried to inform you of the best information, based in science, about your immune system. However, recently I have been aware of a growing trend medicine that is very concerning. The past few days I have been watching network TV stations, which is not my usual viewing habit. Most of the commercials are about new drugs for various diseases. What you may not be aware of is that all the drugs are focused on decreasing symptoms of various diseases by shutting down pathways of the immune system. In other words, these drugs are making our immune system less effective. There are numerous drugs for GI problems, skin conditions, airway and lung problems, liver, cardiovascular, and others. None of these drugs address the cause, only the symptoms. How is it possible that most new drugs suppress the immune system at the same time they are pushing all types of vaccinations to boost our immune system. This does not make any logical medical sense! In a time that we will need a very robust immune system to fight off different variants of COVID, the flu, RSD, Monkey Pox, and other various viruses, not to mention bacterial diseases. On one hand we boost the immune system and on the other suppress it.?????

What I have been trying to explain over the past year + regarding the “living with viruses series,” is that our immune systems not only protect us from viruses and bacteria and the like but must intermediate in all foreign substances that enter our body. Every cell of every organ is dependent on the immune system to function properly. (And to slow down aging.)

The immune system is under assault from our environment, various traumas, stress, and anxieties caused by our society and the food that we eat. If you want a great resource about how we produce food in the United States, I suggest picking up a copy of “Food Politics” by Marion Nestle, who at the writing of this book was a professor at NYU.

How can we expect our immune system to function properly? Remember that every cell of every organ in our body is dependent on this immune system. There is so much concern about antiaging. Antiaging is intimately associated and dependent on a healthy immune system.

As a result of this assault on our immune system, in the past 25 years there has been a 44% increase of auto immune diseases. This was reported in the magazine of the Yale School of Medicine in 2020. The rate of increase of autoimmune diseases far outranks any other disease classification.

What should we do? You can go back and reread some of my past emails regarding the immune system if you have deleted them. Stay tuned, I have more information on how to rejuvenate our immune system.

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