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Anti-Aging or Aging Gracefully

Anti-Aging. It seems like every new product related to health is some sort of antiaging pill potion or lotion. Guess what, we are all aging. The real pursuit should be aging gracefully, with full function of mind body and soul.

There are ways of predicting your aging process. There’s a number of tests used in functional medicine that are called high-sensitivity predictive biomarkers (hsPB).

8% of health is genetic, and 92% is epigenetic. Epigenetics is your environment acting on your genes which change gene expression. Did you ever think why the Standard American Diet, SAD leads to so many chronic diseases? Or more obviously why smoking causes life limiting and fatal diseases? Our gene expression is changed by lifestyle and the environment. The genes you are born with are not the genes you have today.

Would you like to predict your future health? This can be pretty scary. But this can be a great opportunity. High-sensitivity predictive biomarkers are blood tests that provide us with insight that can guide us about the risks and what to do about the risks that undermine our health. This can add years to decades of quality life and as the research shows less dependency on expensive medical care.

There are 8 tests that are hsPB. 4 of them are considered Essential Predictive Biomarkers and 4 are Elective Predictive Biomarkers. The difference is that the essential markers have been proven to be reliable and reproducible and the elective predictive biomarkers, have not received as much scrutiny although their results are considered very accurate.

Some of the essential predictive biomarkers your doctor may have ordered.

·        hsHgb A1c-hemoglobin A1c. This tests how we process sugar and carbohydrates.

·        hsCRP- C-reactive protein. This tests inflammation and immune status as well is our ability to repair.

Our immune system is also responsible for repair of damaged tissues. If we are in a constant states of inflammation, finding off aliens, we have little time in the repair mode. Chronic illness!

·        hsHCY-homocysteine which another inflammatory marker.

·        hsLRA lymphocyte response assay. This I’m sure you’ve never been tested for. The test is for immune memory and repair tolerance. This involves delayed allergenic reactions.

The next 4 tests you probably going to be surprised that 2 of them are elective.

·        Vitamin D-this vitamin is important on many levels but most importantly for cell communication and is needed for a healthy immune system.

·        Omega-3 index– fish oil has so many important functions in our body that it’s too numerous to list.

·        1st A.M. Urine Ph-this test for our mineral need and acidosis risk.

·        8-OHdG- 8Oxo-Guanine which tests are oxidative stress and antioxidant status.

With proper testing and a personalized care plan can bring years if not decades of quality health.

All of these tests with the exception of 8-OHdG, hsLRA, and Omega-3 index your primary care physician will be familiar with. Ask for these tests if you’re concerned about your future health. If you are one of my patients in need help interpreting these tests I’ll be very happy to help.

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