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How does aging affect her immune system?

How does aging affect your immune system? Well, that depends on whether you look at your chronological age or your biological age. Your biological age is extremely specific for you as an individual. Your biological age will dictate your overall health, your susceptibility towards chronic disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and even longevity. When speaking about the […]

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Why is aging a risk factor for contracting COVID 19

August 8, 2022 Living with viruses So far, I have discussed the hallmarks of lifestyle medicine which are; stress management, exercise, sleep, diet, and specific nutrients. Relationships are also discussed in functional medicine however; they are specific to each individual situation and not easily discussed in this format. Every day a new variance of COVID 19 develops, […]

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Anti-Aging or Aging Gracefully

Anti-Aging. It seems like every new product related to health is some sort of antiaging pill potion or lotion. Guess what, we are all aging. The real pursuit should be aging gracefully, with full function of mind body and soul. There are ways of predicting your aging process. There’s a number of tests used in […]

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