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How to increase health and longevity

My Latest emails may have seemed to change topics from living with viruses to optimizing the immune system and longevity.  You may recall that the immune system is at the center of protecting us from invaders and longevity. In my mind a healthy immune system immune system and longevity are one and the same.

When talking about longevity I assume that most everybody would like to live longer, but in good health and good function. In 1980, James Fries, a professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine published a paper entitled,” compression of morbidity”. In the paper he states, “chronic illness may presumably be postponed by changes in lifestyle.” In other words, have a long functional healthy life, with a brief period of illness before death.

There have been great strides in understanding longevity. The two that come to mind and are the most accessible are the test called epigenetic methylation and to repair the body’s ability to produce NAD.
The test epigenetic methylation test compares your chronological age with your physiological age. This information can target areas to improve your body’s function and extend your longevity.
Repairing the body’s ability to produce NAD is essential for function and longevity. As I mentioned in my last email there has been a lot of interest in NAD. Unfortunately, the promotion of NAD was premature due to lack of understanding of how it fits into our biochemistry.

As we age, we develop a low-grade inflammation due to poor lifestyle, chronic illness, trauma, and psychological stresses. This decreases the effectiveness of our immune system and the inability to recycle NAD as when we were young, (younger).

There is now a new nutraceutical that has been developed and studied extensively. The research was reported in a peer review journal. In my opinion this is the most significant breakthrough in supplementation for healthy function and longevity. The published study duration was 28 days in which Inflammation was reduced, biological age was reversed, increased levels of a longevity protein, and increased NAD. If you are going to take 1 supplement this is the one. In the next week I will have a link to this company on my website store. On your first order you will receive a 20% discount. I will let you know when my website is up and running.

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