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Healthy foods

Who has time to cook?

You can eat well for less with simple cooking techniques. Processed food companies tell us that it’s hard to cook, takes too much time and expensive. “You deserve a break today“.  Give me a break.  This is a myth. Check out the website, Here are a few quick tips. Breakfast: Smoothie half cup of fruit, […]


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L’ Art de Vivre

  The French phrase L’ Art de Vivre (The Art of Living) sums up all of the core principles of Functional Medicine. In one of my past articles I wrote about the “French Paradox”.  This is in regards to a study that compared health and longevity of the French population with the United States Population. […]

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If You’re Confused Don’t Worry

If you’re confused about what to eat and what not to eat you’re not alone. From my perspective everyone is an “expert in nutrition.” Most of the information you see on television and especially the Internet is from an “expert” with an agenda. The agenda is either selling you some nutritional supplement or the new […]

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