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Not getting enough sleep may be the missing link in supporting your immune system

Living with viruses Part 6  Concerns over the spread of COVID-19 is causing anxiety on a global scale. Anxiety is a leading cause of sleep dysfunction, and not getting enough rest may have negative effects on your health. Sleep plays a powerful role in supporting healthy immune system function, in fact these 2 are closely connected. A […]

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How to defend against viruses

The first lifestyle and would like to discuss in relation to living with virus is not what you would expect-STRESS. Why stress? When one is stressed (Out) it is difficult to change anything in your life. The thought of adding one more thing into your life is not going to happen. The negative effects of […]


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Living with viruses

Most scientists believe that viruses or here to stay. In fact, recently it was reported in the news that a new virus known as the monkey virus has been recently identified. A strange thing about viruses, most biologists do not consider viruses to be a living organism. Viruses are not made up of cells, they […]

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Coronavirus 101

The recommendations of washing your hands frequently, not touching your face, and coughing into your elbow is certainly important. However there are many things that you can do to bolster your immune system.

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