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The role of the gut and health

The inspiration for these emails is to teach you how to improve your immune system to resist viruses, bacteria, and other invaders. I started the series with the basics of functional medicine; stress reduction, sleep, diet, and exercise. I expanded on diet and later emails and provided basic supplementation recommendations. What I would like to […]

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Why is aging a risk factor for contracting COVID 19

August 8, 2022 Living with viruses So far, I have discussed the hallmarks of lifestyle medicine which are; stress management, exercise, sleep, diet, and specific nutrients. Relationships are also discussed in functional medicine however; they are specific to each individual situation and not easily discussed in this format. Every day a new variance of COVID 19 develops, […]

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Not getting enough sleep may be the missing link in supporting your immune system

Living with viruses Part 6  Concerns over the spread of COVID-19 is causing anxiety on a global scale. Anxiety is a leading cause of sleep dysfunction, and not getting enough rest may have negative effects on your health. Sleep plays a powerful role in supporting healthy immune system function, in fact these 2 are closely connected. A […]

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Living with viruses part 4

What is the difference between boosting your immune system and rejuvenation of your immune system? We are aware of vaccines and boosters. In the news and official reports, it seems that all we can do is to continually get vaccines and boosters. Your immune system does not always want to be boosted. Another word for […]

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How to defend against viruses

The first lifestyle and would like to discuss in relation to living with virus is not what you would expect-STRESS. Why stress? When one is stressed (Out) it is difficult to change anything in your life. The thought of adding one more thing into your life is not going to happen. The negative effects of […]


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