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United Healthcare making history

Due to the overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness and cost savings of chiropractic care, United Healthcare is offering 3 office visits free from a co-pay and deductible. This means no out-of-pocket cost for 3 office visits.

It is expected that conservatively treating lower back pain early will reduce spinal imaging by 22%, spinal surgeries by 21%, and opioid prescriptions by 19%. What wasn’t mentioned in the news release was that it will reduce potential opioid addiction which will save untold money combating addiction, society decline, and deaths related to opioid addiction.

Medical research reported from the American College of Physicians, the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Lancet, and the Annals of Rheumatoid Disease were evaluated in United Healthcare’s unprecedented decision.

The news release did not mention how long this offer will be available. If you have United Healthcare and you are suffering from lower back pain call my office as soon as possible.


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