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Immune System

Gut health and a microbiome

Since the beginning of the pandemic my posts have been concerned with the immune system. It is our defense against all invaders that can harm the body. The immune system fights infections, neutralizes harmful substances, and fights noninfective diseases. All 3 functions impact how we age. 80 percent of the immune system resides in the […]

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What is new with long COVID

Long COVID is 1 of the top googled health issues. I would like to give you an update on the latest research. The definition of long COVID is one or a cluster of symptoms 3 months after initial infection. According to the CDC 1 in 5 Americans experience long COVID. The main persistent symptoms are respiratory, fatigue, body […]

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Medicinal mushrooms and immune support

In my last post I explained why it is important to have a robust immune system. The easiest way to support your immune system is with a supplement called ImmuCore. In previous emails I highlighted all the ingredients of this supplement except for medicinal mushrooms. Today I would highlight a few common mushrooms that are […]

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The Flu, RSV and COVID-19 season is upon us.

The Flu, RSV and COVID-19 season is upon us. The recommendation is to have vaccinations for all 3 of these viruses. What you may not realize is that it is the health of your immune system that determines if you can take advantage of these vaccinations. With conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even being overweight, your […]

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Supplements spotlight is EGEC

Today’s supplement spotlight is EGEC, (epigallocatechin).  EGEC is found in green, black and oolong teas. Black and oolong tea are fermented and loses some of its health benefits. EGEC tea is not fermented and retains health benefits. You might have heard of the “new health buzzword,” polyphenol. EGEC is a polyphenol- catechin. EGEC enhances the […]

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What you need to about fish oil.

This week supplement spotlight is fish oil. Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA.  There is another omega oil that is important for health, Omega 6 which is derived from plants and animal proteins.  Both omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids should be taken in the balance of a 4-1 ratio, respectively.  […]

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How to increase health and longevity

My Latest emails may have seemed to change topics from living with viruses to optimizing the immune system and longevity.  You may recall that the immune system is at the center of protecting us from invaders and longevity. In my mind a healthy immune system immune system and longevity are one and the same. When […]

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