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Our Next Step in Fighting COVID 19

Developing an immunization to COVID 19 would be a big step forward however, an effective and safe immunization will take some time. Vigilance in social distancing and wearing masks are still vital to controlling this pandemic. Contact tracing must be developed and implemented to isolate and treat those that are affected. Unfortunately, there are spikes of infection rates in the South and the West that will make it impossible for contact tracing to occur due to the number of people affected.

These spikes occur not due to increased testing but are caused by not following simple recommendations of social distancing, wearing masks and washing our hands frequently. We all want to get back to normal, whatever that will look like in the future.

Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends policies for consideration of opening schools in the coming school year. Students must be physically present in school beyond education, for nutrition, emotional support, and physical therapies. Lengthy time away from school results in social isolation which may lead to psychological effects. Opening schools for the coming academic year may be very difficult if not impossible these spikes in infection rates continue to increase.

A strong and robust natural immunity is essential for an immunization to protect us from a disease. Also a strong natural immunity may prevent many side effects from the immunization.

How do we enhance our own natural immunity? A diet rich in various colors of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and tree nuts, fish and poultry is a good start. Basically a Mediterranean diet. For adults 7 to 8 hours of unrestricted sleep, moderate exercise and stress reduction techniques all enhance our natural immunity.

There is well documented information on vitamins and biological agents that enhance immunity, decrease viral growth, and reduce symptoms. Vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin C as well as botanical agents such as Elderberry, EGCG and many others have been shown to be beneficial. COVID 19 is a novel virus.

Research of these natural supplements on COVID 19 have not been performed as of yet. However there is good reason to believe they will be helpful since the therapeutic direction is not attacking COVID 19 but improving immunity.


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