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How to defend against viruses

The first lifestyle and would like to discuss in relation to living with virus is not what you would expect-STRESS. Why stress?

When one is stressed (Out) it is difficult to change anything in your life. The thought of adding one more thing into your life is not going to happen.

The negative effects of stress on the immune system have been documented for decades. You may have tried or meditation or breathing exercises to relieve your stress, but like the vast majority you did not continue. When one is stressed, one is focused on things that cause stress. Yes, our heads cause most of our stress. There are many reasons to experience stress, I would just like to discuss the stress that we perpetuate in our minds.

Breathing exercises and meditation may temporarily help stress if you can continue the practice them. In functional medicine we address the cause.

When we dwell on our problems it perpetuates the stressors in our mind. The practice gratitude is a solution. We all have something to be grateful for. A grateful mindset will help to eliminate some stress, improve your immune system, and you might find that life is a little better.

Another mind stressor is Un-forgetfulness. Not forgiving for words or a situation that you perceived to be harmful to you, only affects you. The other person may not even be aware of the words or situation. Whether in your mind or saying it to another, I will never forgive her person for–whatever, causes ongoing stress. If you cannot confront the person who faulted you, forgive them internally.

Practicing gratefulness and forgetfulness takes time. But I am sure, with time, it will get to the root of your stress, and improve your defense against viruses. You may also find other benefits that can improve your life.


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