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Get the facts not the gossip on COVID 19 May 1,2020


In talking to patients it’s evident that the information distributed by the media regarding COVID- 19 is extremely confusing. The misrepresentation and often conflicting information is creating enormous amounts of stress and poor decision-making in hygiene and even medical treatment. I will be posting short notices on the facts related to the pandemic. I will be reviewing information from the CDC, New York State Department of Health, and information from the Institute of Functional Medicine. I will also be dating each of the posts since information is evolving very quickly. One of my 1st posts is actually completely incorrect based on current information.

The 1st thing I’d like to relate is that as of June 2 Western New York and the Capital Region will be entering in to phase 2 of the reopening. As of June 8 New York City and Long Island will be entering into phase 1. There are 4 phases of reopening. If you would like more information on the reopening click this link.

Recently it was reported that it’s very unlikely to get COVID 19 from environmental surfaces. This does not mean that you should not take precautions such as wearing masks, frequent washing of hands and hand sanitize as well as social distancing. Next week based on evolving data this may be reversed.

In the next post I’ll be discussing why information has been confusing and contradictory.


Thanks to the Institute of Functional Medicine, I have established a virtual COVID- 19 clinic. For more information use the contact information on my website.


Dr. Romanelli


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