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Are you wearing your mask correctly?

Now that the stores are opening up were still not out of the woods. As of today 19 states are showing an increase in COVID 19 cases. 9 states have hit there single day high. Recently in Florida 16 people contracted COVID 19 in one night at a local bar.

Are you in fear or are you too complacent towards the pandemic? If you are in fear it’s really very simple to protect yourself. If you are complacent, you’re fooling yourself.

Masks and social distancing is still necessary. I’ve observed improper use of masks which actually may put you at more of a risk.

There are basically 2 types of masks, the common surgical mask and the N 95 mask. The common surgical mask or a bandanna or cloth mask protect people around you from you. The N 95 mask protects the wearer from getting COVID 19 as well as protecting people around you. If you are at risk you should be wearing an N 95 mask. If you wear an N 95 mask it’s important that you do not have a beard. For the mask to work properly there has to be a tight seal between the edges of the mask and your skin.

Whether you use a surgical mask or a N95 mask you must observe proper technique in wearing and storing them when not in use. When you wear your mask make sure that you cover the nose and your mouth completely.

Aside from COVID 19 there are many other viruses, bacteria, pollen, other allergens as well as toxins in the environment. When not using your mask you must follow basic techniques in preventing your mask from being contaminated. When you take off the mask do not touch the inside of mask and place it on a clean surface with the side of the mask that is close to your skin facedown. When storing the mask it should be placed in a clean brown paper bag.

Maintain social distancing, do not touch your face or rub your eyes.

It’s really very easy to protect yourself against COVID 19. No need to be in fear and please do not be over complacent.


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