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Medical experts’ confusion about COVID-19

You may be asking yourself why is this so much confusion and contradictory information from medical experts on preventing and treating COVID-19.  As far as I know, there has never been such intense worldwide investigation into a disease in a short period of time. Medical research can dig deep into analyzing, in this case a virus, as never before with the advent of genetic coding. Researchers from different countries including the US all have different parameters for setting up research. The most basic factor of tallying the number of people exposed with no symptoms, those with symptoms, the need for hospitalization and people that have died from the disease has varied dramatically from study to study. Another concerning factor is that the generally accepted methods for studying disease has been mostly abandoned. This is due to the severity, loss of life and the world’s economy caused by this virus. This is highlighted by the use of Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine. These 2 drugs have been used to treat SARS, MERS, and Ebola all of which are coronavirus. The success rate has been dismal. The risks of these drugs are; disruption of cardiac rhythm which can result in immediate cardiac arrest, toxicity to the liver and kidneys as well as other severe side effects. In my opinion this is an abandonment of the risk versus benefit in treating disease.

COVID 19, being a novel (new/different) virus is in need of greater understanding of how it infects humans. However, there has been research into nutraceuticals (specific vitamins and natural nutrients) as well as biological agents (herbal) that have been published in high-level peer-reviewed journals in their action of resisting disease. The research reveals enhancing the immune system, decreasing viral growth, and reducing symptoms. In regard to reducing symptoms, the emphasis of these nutraceuticals is to slow down the inflammatory process which is responsible for the cytokine storm causing the severe symptoms and development of more advanced disease. It is not been published as of yet, I believe that this cytokine storm is responsible for the Kawasaki like symptoms in children.

There has been some protocols used in hospitals that utilize some nutraceuticals in conjunction with pharmaceuticals that are showing great promise.

Please understand as New York City enters into this stage I and Long Island stage II of the reopening, it is still extremely important to wear face masks in public, social distancing and washing hands frequently. Regions of the United States where restrictions have been lessened there have been spikes in infection rates.

For guidance in helping prevent COVID-19 or in aiding home recovery you can contact my office to set up a telemedicine appointment.


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